Monday, 25 June 2012

lunch with MilwaukEE


hai..korang biasa dengar western food yang namenyer Milwaukee tak? Honestly said, I pun baru dengar..kui3..Today I lunch dekat there quite expensive la..tak silap I the most expensive menu is almost RM150 using japan beef..kobe kot..can't remember the name. But i order the average price. I tak gemar sangat beef steak ni,,since dekat sini special menu die more to beef steak..then i try je la :)

Enjoy the lunch...Jempot makan...


Welcome to MilwaukEE Balakong :)

Chili sos pun ade brand sendiri :)

pembuka selera, mushroom soup with garlic bread 

i choose kedondong asam boy  :)

main menu..rib eye steak..almost RM60 paper flavor

blurr picture sebab kekenyangan :)
 Enjoy having lunch there...after this lets try another menu plak :)

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